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Friday, October 2, 2009

Polenta with Sundried Tomatoes and Basil

We got back from vacation today a little worse for the wear. The last thing I felt like doing was cooking, but with a little family to feed and this little blog to update, I knew I had to press forward.

To me, comfort tastes like polenta. If I have a tummy ache or just need comforting in some way, I make myself a big cozy bowl of polenta and top it with whatever I have on hand.

Tonight I used coarse polenta, and topped it with sundried tomatoes and basil chiffonade, with a couple of pats of Earth Balance melting down over the top.

Batgirl’s Tip: I buy the massive jars of sundried tomatoes from Costco. They are only about $8 a jar, they keep a long time in the fridge, and they spruce up any wrap, hummus, or bowl of polenta you can throw at them.

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