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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Super Toddler's Little Vegan Meals - Mac n' Cheese

Little Vegan Meal - Mac n' Cheese w/ veggie dog, orange, vegetables

Yes, I too sometimes feed my kid mac n' cheese and hot dogs, just like every other parent. The difference is that the mac n' cheese I make isn't from a blue box, and no animal ever had to suffer to make our hot dogs. Supertoddler's Little Vegan Meal on this occasion is mac n' cheese, sliced veggie dogs, orange sections, and steamed mixed vegetables. Quick, affordable, and nutritious!

I have many different mac n' cheese recipes that I make on a regular basis, but the quickest, easiest {and Supertoddler's favorite} mac n' cheese recipe is from the Fat Free Vegan blog. Supertoddler and I always halve the recipe {the full recipe makes a TON}, and we leave out the cayenne pepper. It can be whipped up in the amount of time it takes to boil the macaroni, and is made from ingredients that I always have on hand. As an added bonus, it has hardly any fat, lots of nutrients, and is extremely delicious {the Ninjahusband and I love it too!}

After you make the sauce, and while the macaroni is cooking, you have time to peel an orange, pan-fry a veggie dog {we like Smart Dogs brand}, and nuke some frozen vegetables. Dinner accomplished!


  1. Wow, that sounds like a super easy dinner. I love vegan dad's recipe: although it definitely has a fair hit of fat in it. But it's also super fast to whip up

  2. whoa. That actually looks like macaroni and cheese!